Top 5 Movie Theaters To Bring A Date For Valentine's Day

The economy is awful, and it has sucked for everyone besides
the guys that didn't go to jail in Too
Big To Fail
.  However, come
Valentine's Day you can save a little cheese and bring your GF to a movie
instead of her favorite Holiday Inn Express. 
And, if it is the first date, movies are great because you don't have to
talk, but simply have to agree with her critique of No Strings Attached: "I know! I can't believe Ashton doesn't get more
respect from the Academy either!"



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  • Wait, so all I have to do for my girlfriend to get rid of her damn cats is take her to see The Kings Speech at the Lake Theater and walk around Oak Park sounding smart!? LOL! SCORE! I hate those damn cats.

  • Pickwick, Davis, along with Muvico

  • Love your assessments of Muvico (the spelling pisses me off every time I see it, but it's still my theater of choice) and Gold Class. I also try to support the Pickwick as much as possible.

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