Top 5 Immediate Reactions to the new Radiohead album: "The King of Limbs"

Ok, people, I said immediate and I mean it; these reactions are instinctive and primitive. Thanks to L.A. radio station KROQ, I have been listening to the full album all day via the free stream on Pitchfork, and I gotta say I like it.  Normally the first to criticize anything the first time through, leave it to Thom and the boys to disturb my natural tendencies.  As a Radiohead fan since third grade (real), I am enthralled by their journey of musical evolution and excited by their electro-infused complexities that have endured the distance from the simplified, four-count arrangements that made them famous throughout 1993's Pablo Honey.  Even as a kid I remember thinking, "hey, you guys really love feedback."  Well, here's some.  In another way. know what I mean.   


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