Top 10 Ugliest Rockstars

It's easy to point the finger. I don't actually know any of the people on this list and I've never seen them in person but let's face it. There's a reason they all locked themselves in their rooms at a young age and "got into" music. They were ostracized losers from the beginning and most of them were/are homely. For every Jared Leto outlier there is a handful of Bob Dylans. Beautiful people are in film or walking down runways.The unattractive and down right hideous are certainly more common place in the world of Rock 'n' Roll.

Debates have raged for decades about best band, best singer, best guitar player. When it comes to musical tastes the spectrum is very broad and very long. Honestly I don't care who's the most talented and I don't care who sold the most records. However, when deciding the level of attractiveness of one person to another the criteria is much more defined. You either think someone is fetching or you don't. So the question begs to be asked, in a sea of average to strong eyesores who is the worst?  Who is the ugliest?

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