Top 10 Ugliest A-List Celebrities

Look! Ugly people can be famous too!


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    Renee Zellweiger ugly? No way.

  • lol Nicholas Cage is a unique looking guy who's in a even split between bad and good movies. You've probably only seen the mainstream ones, because you seem really mainstream. Nicholas Cage also doesn't "Pump out " movies. The people who hire him do. You always need a way to make money, even if it's not great. Paul Giamatti is awesome and I have a close friend that looks just like him. Doesn't look half bad. Kyra I would still fuck to this day. Shes a cutie. Miley cyrus is worthless in the substance rich world of music and film, but damned if I don't find her attractive now. Jim carrey? Really? Men don't get ugly...Most of the time. KISS is the exception to this rule. Gene simmons would fit nicely. I know you aint talkin shit about my Chloe Sevigny. She's beautiful and an awesome actress. You're judging a mans beauty. You are either gay, or a woman who hates shit tier mainstream film but likes meh tier mainstream film. Still don't understand how you'd know about Chloe Sevigny. Adrian Brody is a G. Don't talk shit about Adrian Brody. Derp as fuck list. Successful troll is successful

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