Top 10 (Current) Chicago Sports Stars

It is Chicago Sports Week at Lists That Actually Matter.  Each day we will do something Chicago Sports.  And seeing that, unlike other lists, these actually matter, we thought we'd start off by letting everyone know who the biggest local stars are. This list is purely based on local relevance, not national, overall
career relevance.  Guys like Julius
Peppers and Carlos Boozer, while big stars in their respective sports, haven't
been in Chicago long enough to crack this list. 
I would also like to apologize to Patrick Sharp for not including him on
the list.  However, if I ever make a list
of Chicago sports stars most likely to turn a straight guy gay, he would be #1.



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  • No real complaints with the list, other than your Urlacher comment. Because "never having an off year" isn't accurate, when a guy only played one game in '09. (I think even Urlacher would say that's a year off.)

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