The 8 Ugliest U.S. Presidents

It's Ugly Week at Lists That Actually Matter. Each day we will unveil a list ranking the ugliness of a topic. Being that Monday is President's Day, today's topic is Ugliest United States Presidents. To establish the definition of ugly in this sense I am going strictly on the superficial. Human decency didn't factor into these rankings. It's strictly a pulcherocracy- a world ruled by the attractive.



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  • You are such an idiot.
    I bet you're real proud of yourself - doing something good like writing this article. Nice use of your time.

  • To if posting that comment was such a worthy use of your time. You walked right into that one.

  • You've only named seven presidents--no fair counting Cleveland twice.

  • In reply to JohnSchmidt:

    lol, nice call, JRS. I didn't even notice the mistake. Thanks for reading.

  • In reply to JohnSchmidt:

    You put in Cleveland and Taft and left out Nixon and CARTER??? Are you nuts?

  • In reply to JohnSchmidt:

    And LBJ? You left out LBJ?

  • In reply to JohnSchmidt:

    Actually, it seems to me that Cleveland was considered good looking for his time. Lincoln was probaly better looking without the beard. @Omnibus Driver, I agree with you about Nixon, even without the 5 o clock shadow, he looked pretty sinister.

  • In reply to JohnSchmidt:

    I wanted to use more old-timers than (relatively) modern presidents. I don't mind calling someone's great-great-great-great grandfather ugly, but I'd rather not call someone's grandfather or father ugly. MikeCubbie, I was going to include Millard Fillmore until I read he was handsome for his day- so that was a factor I did consider at least.

  • Faces only mothers could love. Although they did get woman to lay down with them.?????

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    there is only ONE ugly MoFo...and that is that IDIOT with a HUGE f'ing BOOGER on his face, Urkel Odumba! what an UGLY IDIOT

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