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Top 5 Slogans for the 2011 Cubs

Last year the Ricketts family became the new owners of the Cubs, and opted to go with the slogan “Year 1”.   Or, as I like to call it, the two-handed flip-off from Tom Ricketts to Cubs fans across America.  Year 1? Hey, Cubs fans, forget ’08, ’03, ’84, and Brant Brown,  It’s “Year 1!” ... Read more »

Top 10 Ugliest (Current) Child Stars

Top 10 Ugliest (Current) Child Stars
Well, we’re being a little liberal with our definition of “stars,” so bear with us.  Anyway, after spending hours Google Image searching current child actors and deciding if they’re hot or not, and finally doing it for a reason I can share, we have a list. 

Top 5 "Top _" Lists From Around the Web

We aren’t the only Jennies on the block singing this tune.  Check out some of our other favorites from around the web. 

10 Ugliest Species of Fish: Ugly Week Continues

Stonefish <br><br>

This versatile gentleman camoflouges really well in rocky surfaces, sandy surfaces or Limbaugh family portraits.
First is a free grammar lesson:  when is it grammatically correct to use “fishes” in a sentence,  and when is “fish”  (plural)  correct? Answer: When you refer to many of the same species you use “fish”  (plural),  when there are more than one kind, they are collectively known as “fishes”.  And when you do you... Read more »

9 Ugliest Garbage Pail Kids: Ugly Week Continues

2. I see the cuff link but does that shirt even have French cuffs? What an ugly fashion faux-pas! 2) Oh and there's that semen too.
Ugly week is alive and well, ugly. If you don’t remember the Garbage Pail Kids you are either younger than me and/or dignified. While “researching” this topic I found a lot of either new-age Garbage Pail Kids or PhotoShopped ones, but I think all of these are originals. 

Top 10 Ugliest Features of Impossibly Attractive People

Marissa Miller shows up for dinner parties empty handed: No wine. No cake. No specialty spinach dip. Nothing. Then she has the gall to ask for leftovers. And the worst part? She doesn't even eat them. She gives them away to the "homeless." What a waste.
It’s day three of Ugly Week here at Lists That Actually Matter and my fellow heartthrobs and I couldn’t be happier with the results. But as we approach the mid-point of Ugly Week (a most solemn and reflective time) we also want to be very clear that ugliness is not confined to just outward appearances.... Read more »

Top 10 Ugliest A-List Celebrities

Top 10 Ugliest A-List Celebrities
Look! Ugly people can be famous too!

6 Ugliest Dog Breeds

Boston Terrier <br><br> Wait, so Boston gave us Dane Cook, New Kids on the Block, Ben Affleck AND this breed of dog? Now I know what to tell the wasted Red Sox fan who won't stop spitting while he shouts Boston sportsisms at me in a non-sports bar. Before that it was usually something more like, "Holy wow, dude your breath is horrible. Do you want a piece of gum? No, you know what? That isn't a question. Here's some gum, dude."

5 Things We Learned About The Factor in Sunday's San Vicente Stakes

Sunday's San Vicente started 7 minutes after the Round 1 Derby Futures Pool closed and The Factor's odds of winning the Derby were 25-1.  Then he went out and ran a monster Grade 2 race against derby hopefuls. Look for his odds to be closer to 12-1 in Round of the Futures Pool.
First off this video is the San Vicente Stakes run at Santa Anita on Sunday. What conference championships are to March Madness, this race is like to the Kentucky Derby ;nearly all the horses in this race are Derby hopefuls. We are watching #8 The Factor: the fastest three year old in the West.

Top 10 (Current) Chicago Sports Stars

Top 10 (Current) Chicago Sports Stars
It is Chicago Sports Week at Lists That Actually Matter.  Each day we will do something Chicago Sports.  And seeing that, unlike other lists, these actually matter, we thought we’d start off by letting everyone know who the biggest local stars are. This list is purely based on local relevance, not national, overall career relevance. ... Read more »