Top 5 Theories On Why Ben Affleck Got Snubbed by the Academy

Here at Lists That Actually Matter, we posted this blog after our guy Affleck got hosed by the Academy in 2011.  Now read this same post and sub out The Town with Argo and all the same facts ring true.


For those of you who have seen The Town, you are most likely as blown away as I am that Ben's latest project got the shnide by The Academy.  For those of you who haven’t seen it, this movie is AWESOME.  Think “Point Break” with the acting and script quality of Good Will Hunting, but with a hot female lead as opposed to Tank Girl or the English Rebecca Lobo.  Thus, after back-to-back award show snubs, here are the 5 reasons why the Academy is treating Ben like Fredo, even though he is performing like Michael Corleone.

5. “Gigli” still happened: I guess the Academy does not want to explain how they could nominate the same guy that starred in “Pearl Harbor”, “200 Cigarettes”, “Reindeer Games”, “Gigli”, “Paycheck,” “Surviving Christmas”, and “Jersey Girl,” for making the best movie of the year.  I guess once you have been nominated for over 4 Razzies in a 3-year span, you can no longer be nominated for an Academy Award in any category.  (Sort of like how you can only have so many DUIs, and still be given a license).  Or perhaps The Academy wants to teach young Hollywood the lesson that you cannot knowingly make a horrendous movie while your star is on the rise, and expect to make a full comeback.

4.  He's not Matt Damon: Sometime around “Gigli”, most people in America began to believe that Matt Damon was solely responsible for “Good Will Hunting”, and Ben Affleck used the Flashy-Thing from “Men In Black” to convince him he wrote it too.  Ben sorta became the lesser brother, like a Prince Harry to Matt Damon’s Prince William:  He’s fun to have around, but nobody is taking him serious.  But then Ben wrote, directed, and produced “Gone Baby Gone”, and “The Town”, and Matt Damon hasn’t written, directed, or produced anything of note since “Good Will Hunting.”

3.  His brother and River Phoenix's little bro tarnished his image: Casey Affleck and not-River Phoenix decided they’d fake not-River falling-off-the-deep-end to make a movie that was a commentary on their amazement that us dumb-ass common-folk actually believe reality TV shows’ claims of being unscripted.  Further, the film was meant to “explore celebrity, and explore the relationship between the media and the consumers and the celebrities themselves.”  You guys just totally get it.  We believe like whatever the media tells us, and you two are so smart that you can make a movie pointing out its ridiculousness. I would fully understand if the Academy is holding this dumb-ass idea against Ben for not stopping them.  Ben needed to step up and say, “Listen, little brother gang that only became famous because of their older brothers’ fame, nobody is going to think this is a clever idea, you are just going to come off as smug, elitist pricks.”

2.  Afraid Jennifer Garner might be in his next movie:  The Academy might be afraid if they let Ben get too famous again that he may start letting J2 (Jennifer Gardner) star in movies along side of him.  Like J1, J2 is no Meryl Streep, we don’t want to see Ben make that mistake again.

1.  Only can do Boston:  A lot of the Ben haters out there like to say “he can only make movies about Boston.”  So?  We don’t discredit “Goodfellas” because Scorsese primarily made gangster movies, or “Breakfast Club”, because John Hughes only made movies about Chicago.  Ben, I say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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  • Another reason could be how annoying he and J. Lo. were

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