Top 10 Buckeyes

I know this Blog is first and foremost about Chicago. However, wandering the busy streets I've found most people living in the city aren't from around here. During my exploits I've come across many of my foreign sisters and brethren. No I'm not Chicano or Arabic. I'm a traveler from the green farmlands of Ohio who is now calling Chicago home and I'm certainly not the only one. Our invasion into the counties of Cook and DuPage has probably gone largely unnoticed in a city so massive but I assure you our numbers continue to grow.

We have no sinister agenda. No political ambitions to speak of. We just want the "Big City Life" and being Mid-Western above all else we find Chi-Town the best fit. Like all foreigners we hope to be assimilated into local culture while still keeping some of our own traditions, but it isn't going to be easy. Number 4 on Sports Illustrated's Top 5 Sports Franchises We Love to Hate, Buckeye's know it's us against the world.

We can't help who we are. It's in our blood. I learned at a very early age to take my seat on the band wagon or play left out every Saturday in the fall. It's as much a part of the culture as anything you'll read in a AAA brochure. If you're born in-state it's your birthright to root on the Scarlet and Grey. Nowhere is this more true than in my hometown Columbus, home of THE Ohio State University.

So passionate are we about football and all things Ohio even here, 325 miles from the heart of Buckeye Nation, a handful of bars dedicate themselves to our fanhood. McGees on West Webster does game day the biggest. By halftime I forget I've crossed state lines into the Central Timezone. I love Chicago but I'll always be a Buckeye at heart. So to the gang at McGees and everyone in town who's been looking for a little "O-H" to go with their "I-O" this one's for you ...


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