Top 5 Songs About Female Sexual Submission

I think a new sub-genre of pop music is afoot. It is for this generation of pop starlets, what the Power Ballad was for the glam rockers of the 1900's. Whereas power ballads showcased the hardened rocker's soft side, the new sub-genre is about the pop starlet being sexually submissive.

The two may have more in common than you may think. Both the power ballad and the submission ballad cater to what the opposite gender wants to hear: power ballads were hard-livin rock stars pouring their heart out for the woman they love, and the new submissive songs are sexy, successful, strong women telling us that us men can do whatever we want with/to them in the bedroom.

That's practically an unfair formula for success along the lines of hunting deer with an AK-47. And that is exactly why I wrote about them.


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    Check out "Daddy May I" but Larisa & The Raindoggs -

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