Are you a CTA- Hole? 10 Ways to Determine if you are.

The Chicago Transit Authority is no one's destination. Instead it is the means by which we arrive at our destination. Since no one actually wants to be on there, let's abide by two rules: 1- Do your part to help make our ride go as quickly as possible, and, 2- Don't be a CTA-hole. Later we will be meeting 10 violators of the latter rule.

Also please consider while reading: Socrates and Plato believed that morality and intelligence were the same thing. I remember being confused by that when I first heard it and it took me literally a few years to fully understand it. I've tried to explain to a few friends, but with mixed results. It's hard to explain, and not everyone chooses to believe it. The following 10 CTA-Holes represent a great example to the Socratic and Platonic theory of morality being intelligence. Are these annoying CTA riders rude or are they just ignorant? Allow me to help muddy the waters.

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