Here at Lists That Actually Matter we know this concept has been done before and we know that you thought it sucked.  We too wish ESPN's Page 2 was funny.  We also wish Jeff Garcia would stop calling us and demanding he looks like Debra Messing from season 2 of Will & Grace.  Anyway, this is THE definitive LOOKALIKES list.  The search is over.  And because Hitler doesn't belong on a "Best" list of any sort, I am just going to come out and say it: Coach K, has it ever once occurred to you upon looking in the mirror that you should possibly reconsider that haircut or permanent scowl?


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  • Some good ones, but where are the hockey players?! Henrik Zetterberg and Jared Leto are practically identical twins.

  • OJ Simpson . . . ZiNG!

  • good list above

    heres a funny video with a few more

    i think Van Gundy best on the list. he could be a porno star. funny stuff

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