Wait, HE is in that movie? No, I'm not Gonna see it.

No one ever questions Hollywood. They make so few quality films a year and no one thinks they need to step it up. I mean, Keanu Reeves gets work as an actor. Don't tell me you're trying to make the best film you can, and Keanu Reeves was a cog in that wheel.

This List is Top 10 Actors that simply do not merit another chance
at acting. Let's try someone new. Anyone. I will take the actor behind
Door #2, Monty.10 actors that if you're friend described a movie to you
and you were thinking, "Ok, this movie sounds legit..." then they said,
"Oh, and Chris Klein plays the lead." and you think, "Oh, then no way am
I seeing that with them tonight."



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  • Josh Hartnett can keep looking like he can't figure out the question as long as he's doing it while in my bed.

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