Top 10 "Bad Guy" Teams in a Sports Movie

By Dan Tello

Long live the Fish. Now that you're confused, enjoy the Top 10 A-Holes to ever grace a sports flick.



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  • Why is it that you can't just have something that is fun to look at without interjecting your liberal bias, Tea Party comment. You could have had a nice story to look at but again you need to taint it with a useless comment not pertaining to the piece. BTW when asked by Bob Costas who his favorite BB team in Chi town was he said the Sox, at "Kominsky Field" but couldn't name one player past or present. Maybe he was confused which of the 57 states they might reside in?

  • In reply to angusks:

    if he dont like it, he can JUST GET OUT!!!!!

  • Yup, from his comments about the Tea Party, Hitler youth and rich self-righteous white people, it's quite obvious this guy doesn't like whites rocking Cruise Ship Obama.

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