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Please no more 9/11 sweaters

Earlier this year I saw the musical Ordinary Days. Overall I enjoyed it, but there was one detail that really bothered me. The show is set in New York City, but most of the themes are true of city life in general. Then a very New York-specific moment in the song “Let Things Go” made... Read more »

Why an IT auditor is like a playwright

My husband says I have too many hobbies. One of my favorites is playwriting. I’ve been involved in theatre since I was a kid. For 25 years, most of my time in theatre was as an actor with occasional credits as a producer, director and choreographer. But when I went back to graduate school, I... Read more »

In my old school: Memories of my college theatre

Duquesne University, my undergraduate alma mater, is getting a new theatre. I’m thrilled for the students and community members who will get to enjoy the new black box theatre, but I’m sad that the era of the Peter Mills Theatre is coming to an end. For all that space’s quirks (and there were many), it... Read more »

I can't see everything, but I can see more

I can't see everything, but I can see more
A few weeks ago I posted on Facebook that I had so many shows to see in the next few months that I was going to need to make a Gantt chart to figure out how to see as many as possible. A friend (the lovely and talented Theo Allyn who will be appearing in... Read more »

How I became an Amazon ebook author without knowing it

I googled myself. Inspired by boredom and narcissism I not only googled my current self, but I googled my former self. I googled my maiden name. I didn’t expect to see anything I didn’t already know about: old theatre reviews, my master’s thesis, my sole IMDB credit. Instead, I was shocked to find that I... Read more »

This is not the feminist theatre festival you are looking for

This is part of my Fiction Friday series. “I want to talk about my vagina.” “Seriously?” “Yes. ‘I want to talk about my vagina.’” “She just came up to you in Starbucks and said, ‘I want to talk about my vagina?’” “She introduced herself then bam! Straight into her vagina.” “What did you tell her?”... Read more »

Listen to Your Mother: The beauty of backstage

Listen to Your Mother is an annual event that in 2014 extended to 32 cities. The Listen to Your Mother shows have the same common goal: “giving motherhood a microphone” by giving a chance for anyone who is a mother, has a mother, or knows a mother to read an essay about motherhood in front... Read more »

Listen to Your Mother Show: Be careful what you wish for

I am honored to have been selected for the cast of Listen to Your Mother Chicago 2014. I’m honored and nervous but perhaps not for the reason others in the cast may be nervous. I’m not nervous about being on stage. I’ve been doing theatre on and off for more than 30 years. I’m more... Read more »

Bob Fosse grew up in Chicago, but why should I care?

I’ve been reading Fosse by Sam Wasson. This biography of acclaimed dancer, choreographer, and director Bob Fosse includes several chapters about his childhood years in Chicago. Bob Fosse grew up very near to where I live now, and I felt a little tinge of something (joy? pride? recognition?) whenever a familiar landmark or intersection was... Read more »

Five reasons why blogging is like theatre

I started blogging because I no longer had time to write plays. Even though blogging may seem like an ideal fit for someone who has spent most of her lifetime writing and working on computers I held a long disdain for blogging. (I even included “blog” in my list of the least sexy words.)  But... Read more »