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I survived Navy Pier during the Chicago Air and Water Show

I survived Navy Pier during the Chicago Air and Water Show
Whenever we drive down Lake Shore Drive and Navy Pier comes into view my boy asks, “When are we going to go on that Ferris Wheel?” I always say something non-committal like “Someday.” This has been going on for years. Literally years. Well, my husband and I finally fulfilled that promise, but it involved going... Read more »

Recipe for Chicago Park District online enrollment success

Recipe for Chicago Park District online enrollment success
Some people use their fast clicking skills to buy concert tickets right when they are available online. As a parent, I do the same thing with Chicago Park District online enrollment. Certain classes like gymnastics fill up quickly, so I need to be ready to click right when enrollment begins. I’ve been waitlisted before, and... Read more »

10 reasons why living with children is like being in a haunted house

Ah, the pitter-patter of little feet. Sure, it could be the sound of adorable children coming to give you hugs, but it could be the sound of a group of hell creatures coming to eat your soul. Some nights it can be hard to tell the difference. Is there a difference? Being a parent is... Read more »

3 books I don't want my children to read

“Growing up, we were allowed to read any book in the house,” writes Maria Casale in her essay for the New York Times titled “This Book is Too Old for You.” The piece has prompted some online discussion about whether or not parents should censor what their kids read. Reading those comments prompted me to... Read more »

It's public parenting season

I consider myself to be a pretty involved mom. I read with my kids. We bake cookies. We go to the park. We make pictures and write journals. We snuggle a lot. However, because of my work schedule there are certain things I do not do. I rarely drop my kids off or pick them... Read more »

My kids are my favorite happy hour

Last night I went to a happy hour, which is a rare occurrence for me. It was fun for a while, but by the end of the evening the discussion devolved into a bitch fest about a subject I found upsetting. The worst part about it was the realization that I was awkwardly sitting through... Read more »

Drawing mazes is my weekly meditation

A few weeks ago my kids started back-to-back swim classes. My son has been taking swim classes for a couple of years now. My daughter became eligible when she turned four. We set up at a poolside table. My son swims while my daughter waits, then they change roles. On our first week of double... Read more »

3 reasons I will not ask for my children's social media passwords

There has been a some debate over whether schools should be allowed to demand that students hand over their social media passwords. Shannan at Tween Us wrote an excellent post clarifying Illinois laws about school access to passwords. You should read it here. I echo Shannan’s concerns about school access to student passwords. I also... Read more »

I don't care about the Super Bowl (or football) anymore

I used to be a huge NFL football fan. Sundays were days for meeting friends at noon EST and watching the early game then the late game then NFL Primetime (later to be replaced by Sunday Night Football). I felt joy when my team won. I felt physical pain when my team lost. In either... Read more »

Fighting the urge to have large birthday parties for kids

My son wants a small birthday party this year. I should be thrilled. I should be rolling around on the bed in a pile of the money I’m going to save. So why am I having to fight an urge to make his birthday party bigger? My son has often had fairly big birthday parties.... Read more »