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A mom apologizes to her son for a lame birthday party

Son, come here. I want to apologize for throwing you such a lame birthday party. You deserve better. You are five. A whole hand! You should have a unique and magical party, but I gave you this. I am so ashamed. Look at this Pinterest board I made. I spent months pinning things for your... Read more »

10,000 steps to becoming a better mom

I got a fitness tracker a few weeks ago. I chose the Jawbone UP24, but it has similar functionality to other fitness trackers including Fitbit and Nike Fuel Band. Primarily it tracks steps and monitors sleep. What I didn’t anticipate was that my fitness tracker would make me a better mother. I was particularly interested in... Read more »

Listen to Your Mother Show: Be careful what you wish for

I am honored to have been selected for the cast of Listen to Your Mother Chicago 2014. I’m honored and nervous but perhaps not for the reason others in the cast may be nervous. I’m not nervous about being on stage. I’ve been doing theatre on and off for more than 30 years. I’m more... Read more »

7 tips for cheap and easy party decorations

7 tips for cheap and easy party decorations
Pinterest sets unreasonable expectations for party decorations. If you are the sort of person who plans to carve radishes in the shape of your child’s favorite cartoon character and sew custom chair covers to match your theme this post is not for you. If you just want some tips for cheap and easy party decorations that... Read more »

10 unconventional mother-son wedding dance ideas

Have you seen the epic mother-son wedding dance video in that starts out conventionally (to Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable”) then Surprise! switches to a montage of different songs and choreographed dances to go with each of them? It’s very cute. If you haven’t seen it here is the video: As a former choreographer and current... Read more »

How to cheat at cake decorating: 7 simple tips

1. TRACING<br><br>

Although this cake took some patience it did not take much skill because of tracing!<br><br>

I traced a Cat in the Hat decoration onto wax paper. I placed the wax paper on a smooth layer of frosting and pressed in the design using a dinner knife. I colored the design using frosting pens, since decorating tips and icing bags can be a mess if you aren't used to them.<br><br>

If that's still too ambitious, my other tips are even easier.
I’ve always loved to bake, so it made sense that I would make my own cakes and cupcakes for my kids’ birthday parties. Unfortunately, although I am skilled at baking delicious desserts I am not skilled at decorating them, which tends to be an expectation for children’s birthday parties. That’s why I had to come... Read more »

Snow days for grown ups are different

Snow days for grown ups are different
Today wasn’t exactly a snow day. The nearly 3 feet of snow that fell in Chicago since last Tuesday finally stopped late Sunday night. Today was a day shut down due to extreme cold. A freeze day? The polar vortex-inox? (Please don’t call it Chiberia) Regardless of what you call it a lot of people... Read more »

10 reasons why museum memberships are the best gifts for families

10 reasons why museum memberships are the best gifts for families
Are you a grandparent or someone else looking to buy gifts for a family with small children? Do you have small children and want to get a gift that won’t add to your clutter? Local museum memberships (or zoo memberships or aquarium memberships) are awesome. Even for little kids museums (and not just “children’s museums”)... Read more »

I don't care what my children eat for Thanksgiving dinner

I don't care what my children eat for Thanksgiving dinner
Most of the time I try. I try to feed my children a balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables. I try to feed my children a variety of foods. I try to limit sugar. I try and often fail, but I try. But I don’t care what my children eat for Thanksgiving dinner. I... Read more »

Bears, Steelers: Where are the bad guys?

On September 22 the Chicago Bears play the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday Night Football. As a former Pittsburgher and current Chicagoan I cheer for both teams. Since they are in different conferences that is rarely a problem. This week is one of those times when it is. “Mama, where are the bad guys?” At first... Read more »
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