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3 reasons I will not ask for my children's social media passwords

There has been a some debate over whether schools should be allowed to demand that students hand over their social media passwords. Shannan at Tween Us wrote an excellent post clarifying Illinois laws about school access to passwords. You should read it here. I echo Shannan’s concerns about school access to student passwords. I also... Read more »

Valentine's Day cards for infosec geeks

Information security specialists are not just people who nag you about strong passwords and not clicking on strange things. We are also people. People with hearts. People with hearts that love. I’ve made some Valentine’s Day cards for my fellow infosec geeks. Enjoy. You have my permission to save, print, and share these valentines with those... Read more »

Learning to code is NOT the new literacy

People keep promoting the need for everyone from kids to mid-career professionals to learn how to write computer code. The argument is that in the very near future (if we aren’t there already) learning how to code will be as important as learning to read and write. An article in Mother Jones asked, “Is Coding... Read more »

Book review: The Circle by Dave Eggers made me want to puke (in a good way)

Reading The Circle by Dave Eggers made me want to puke. My nausea was not induced by graphic violence or other gross descriptions. I was sickened by Eggers’ detailed descriptions of a dystopia that felt too real. The Circle is not about your typical dystopia where water, gas, and other resources are scarce and people kill... Read more »

Privacy tips from Jenny Lawson, the Bloggess

Jenny Lawson, a.k.a. the Bloggess, spoke about privacy at the BlogHer ’14 conference. Her keynote was not billed as a speech about privacy. In fact, I’m not sure she ever even used the word “privacy.” Still, in describing her own writing process she listed a series of privacy tips that are good practice for anyone writing... Read more »

The Internet's Own Boy: A movie everyone online should see

The Internet’s Own Boy is a documentary about computer prodigy, Internet pioneer, and activist hacker Aaron Swartz, but even if you’ve never heard of Aaron Swartz you should see this movie. The story has implications beyond the short life of one man. Through the passion, drama, and tragedy of Aaron Swartz’s life The Internet’s Own... Read more »

Do you post pictures of your children online?

Some parents actively post pictures of their children online on blogs, social media, and other websites. Other parents limit online sharing of their children’s photos to limited groups and only post pictures publicly if you can’t see the child’s face. There are even some parents who never post their children’s pictures online even to share them... Read more »

Reset the Net: How you can fight NSA mass surveillance

Reset the Net: How you can fight NSA mass surveillance
On June 5, you may see splash screens on web sites and posts on social media about telling you to “Reset the Net.” Those Reset the Net messages are to encourage website administrators, app developers, and all Internet users to take steps to prevent NSA mass surveillance. The date June 5, 2014 was selected because... Read more »

"The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy" is a must read for women online

The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy by Violet Blue is an important book for all women to read, especially those who are active online using social media and other websites. The book explains the risks associated with sharing personal information and describes how you can protect your data and yourself. The book also gives advice on what... Read more »

City of Big Data promotes data benefits, ignores privacy concerns

City of Big Data promotes data benefits, ignores privacy concerns
Chicago: City of Big Data is an exhibition being presented by the Chicago Architecture Foundation from now until the end of the year. The title City of Big Data is a play on the moniker bestowed on Chicago by Carl Sandburg, “City of Big Shoulders.” The exhibition focuses on how the City of Chicago uses... Read more »