3 Rules for "Sexy" Halloween Costumes

3 Rules for "Sexy" Halloween Costumes
I can't decide if this is the worst "sexy" costume or the most brilliant one.

I once hand-sewed thigh-high fur boots for a sexy cave woman outfit, so I can't get too preachy about sexy costumes. There will always be women and men (Hello, Boystown!) who want to dress slutty for Halloween. If you are one of them that's your choice, but please follow these rules to avoid disturbing the rest of us:

  1. "Sexy" costumes should not exist in kid sizes. Fishnet tights do not need to come in child sizes ever.
  2. If a character is known and loved by my three year old it should not be sexy. No Sexy Buzz Lightyear. No Sexy Spiderman. And I side with PBS in requesting, no Sexy Big Bird or other Muppets.
  3. Limit sexy foods to cupcakes and maybe bacon. I know people won't give up sexy food costumes altogether, but Sexy Watermelon and Sexy Sriracha are too much.

If you want a sexy, scantily clad costume there are plenty of pop stars and movie characters from which to choose. Or, hey, just be honest about who buys those costumes the rest of the year and go as a "Sexy Stripper."

If you need a last minute costume idea that is not of the sexy variety, view my list of costume suggestions here. Or just watch the video below about "Things You Can Be On Halloween Besides Naked."

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