#Ferguson shows the strength of Twitter as a news source

I know a lot of people who don’t “get” Twitter. Fine. There are a lot of things that other people do that I don’t “get” either, like running. However, whenever a breaking news event occurs I am incredibly grateful to have Twitter. The recent events in Ferguson, Missouri are a good example of this. Here... Read more »

Refreshing isn't always refreshing

Refreshing isn't always refreshing
I’m working late while it is happening. Oblivious, I get on the train, take out my phone, and look at my Twitter feed. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. People are saying that TV news wasn’t covering it. That seems horribly wrong but okay for me since I only have my phone. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh. There are pictures. Frightening images... Read more »

Book review: The Circle by Dave Eggers made me want to puke (in a good way)

Reading The Circle by Dave Eggers made me want to puke. My nausea was not induced by graphic violence or other gross descriptions. I was sickened by Eggers’ detailed descriptions of a dystopia that felt too real. The Circle is not about your typical dystopia where water, gas, and other resources are scarce and people kill... Read more »

It was like the Earth itself gasped

The argument for transparency was always that the only people who have something to hide are criminals, liars, and cheats. Sure people do some things in private because they’re embarrassed for others to see them done, but we were assured that that once everyone was revealed we would realize there is nothing to be embarrassed... Read more »

How I became an Amazon ebook author without knowing it

I googled myself. Inspired by boredom and narcissism I not only googled my current self, but I googled my former self. I googled my maiden name. I didn’t expect to see anything I didn’t already know about: old theatre reviews, my master’s thesis, my sole IMDB credit. Instead, I was shocked to find that I... Read more »

It's not too late to be extraordinary

I know people who have written best-selling books, started their own companies, had plays produced on Broadway, reached executive ranks of large corporations, and run not-for-profits that support important causes. Those are just a few examples of people doing extraordinary things in the little sampling of humanity that I know personally. There are many more... Read more »

This is not the feminist theatre festival you are looking for

This is part of my Fiction Friday series. “I want to talk about my vagina.” “Seriously?” “Yes. ‘I want to talk about my vagina.’” “She just came up to you in Starbucks and said, ‘I want to talk about my vagina?’” “She introduced herself then bam! Straight into her vagina.” “What did you tell her?”... Read more »

Privacy tips from Jenny Lawson, the Bloggess

Jenny Lawson, a.k.a. the Bloggess, spoke about privacy at the BlogHer ’14 conference. Her keynote was not billed as a speech about privacy. In fact, I’m not sure she ever even used the word “privacy.” Still, in describing her own writing process she listed a series of privacy tips that are good practice for anyone writing... Read more »

The Selfie of Dorian Gray

This weekend I’m at BlogHer ’14, and the theme is #selfiebration. This is a selfie-themed bit of Fiction Friday flash fiction although it is rather the opposite of the vibe being celebrated at BlogHer. It was inspired by this tweet: *book cover* RT @GWest_13: The selfie of Dorian Grey #HipsterBooks pic.twitter.com/Dbj5fvzQon — darth™ (@darth) April... Read more »

Thank you to my sponsor: My husband

I’m going to the BlogHer ’14 conference in San Jose this weekend. I am incredibly grateful to my husband whose sponsorship makes this possible. My husband is not my financial sponsor. He and I contribute close to the same amount to our household income. We put most of our money in joint accounts to cover... Read more »