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It's the end of the year as we know it (and I feel fine)

As 2015 ends it is time for me to look back on my goals for the year. Before I take score against my uber list I like to reflect on some of the unplanned accomplishments and good news of the year, if only to make me feel better about the goals I failed to meet. Here... Read more »

10 favorite posts from 2014

I had a lot of fun with Listing Beyond Forty this year. I experimented with Fiction Fridays. I spent a second October Listing Toward Halloween. I wrote personal stories, satire, poetry, opinion, fiction, and, yes, there were some lists. I even wrote 20 two-sentence horror stories, inspired by a reddit thread that inspired a bunch... Read more »

My top ten under-loved posts of 2012

If you asked three months ago if I would do some sort of year-in-review post I probably would have said that I’d list my top ten most viewed posts. However, since then Halloween and the election happened. Seven of my top ten most viewed posts are about either Halloween or the election. That’s great, but... Read more »