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Why I didn't vote for Hillary in 2008 and why I'm with her now

Why I didn't vote for Hillary in 2008 and why I'm with her now
I didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton in 2008. A lot of that had to do with liking Barack Obama, but I’m ashamed to admit that there was another influencing factor. I didn’t want to vote for Hillary because she is a woman. It wasn’t that I didn’t think a woman should be President of the... Read more »

Brexit lesson for the US: Your vote matters

The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union in what is commonly called the Brexit  referendum vote. No matter what your opinion on Leave versus Remain, there is a big lesson here: Your vote matters. Learn from the mistake of this Leave voter on BBC News who assumed his vote wouldn’t count: If you... Read more »

Song for a canceled Trump rally: "Tiny Hands, Sir"

My friend Old Single Mom went to the Donald Trump Rally in Chicago that was canceled. You should read her incredible observations from the event. One of the things she notes is this: A bunch of Trump supporters sang in unison to Elton John’s “Rocket Man” – and then blanked on the lyrics of “Tiny Dancer.”... Read more »

Chicago Voters Blindly Affirm "Legally Insane" Cynthia Brim, Demonstrating Why Judges Shouldn't Be on the Ballot

Many people in Chicago are reveling in the re-election of our hometown president, but there are other election results that should not fill our city with such pride. Nationally people have questioned how Jesse Jackson, Jr. managed to be re-elected, but our city has a less publicized embarrassment in our election results, Cynthia Brim. Every election Chicagoans... Read more »

Obama Wasn't the Only One Who Won Tonight

I had to step away from election coverage. My little girl woke up. I went up and rocked her for 45 minutes until she fell back asleep. (I fully admit that I was trying to avoid co-sleeping.) As I held my daughter in a darkened room, silent but for the creaking of the rocking chair,... Read more »

Akin and Mourdock Lose: It's "God's Will" That The Idea of "Legitimate Rape" Has Been Shut Down

Both Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock have lost after making highly offensive comments about rape.  Both men had previously been favored to win. Both states are otherwise “red.” Did a few statements about rape, pregnancy and abortion lose them their elections? I hope so. Is it right to lose an election based on a few... Read more »

Obama Defeats Romney: Will Nate Silver's Election Projections Be as Eerily Accurate as in 2008?

Obama Defeats Romney: Will Nate Silver's Election Projections Be as Eerily Accurate as in 2008?
I like statistics even though I never liked regular math. I am not excited to find the value of x just for the sake of finding it. I certainly don’t want to want to find the derivative of anything just to do it. But I like how statistics give meaning to numbers. Statistics answer questions.... Read more »

Don't Tweet (or Instagram or Facebook) Your Vote, Photographing Your Ballot is Illegal

A reminder to everyone, that in most places it is illegal to take a photograph of your completed ballot. The reasoning is that documenting your vote could lead to vote buying. In a year when some employers were allegedly pressuring their employees to vote for a particular candidate, it seems like those concerns are merited.... Read more »

Video of Voting Machine Altering Votes. How to Report Voting Fraud.

Here is one of what will unfortunately probably be many videos of a voting machine not accurately recording a vote. What should you do if you have a problem at the polls? Here is information from the Federal Election Commission web site: Where do I Report Suspected Election Fraud? The first step individuals should take... Read more »

Did Chrysler Give Its Workers the Day Off to Vote? Everyone Should Have Election Day Off

I’ve seen a few tweets about Chrysler giving its entire work force the day off to vote. I haven’t seen any news stories corroborating this, but I really hope it’s true. I hope it’s true, and I wish other employers did the same. I’ve seen multiple reports of people waiting in line for over an... Read more »