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Top 10 Pinterest comments supporting Paula Deen

To paraphrase: It doesn't matter if people think you are a racist; you make great cookies (even though I modify the recipe).
Paula Deen has been roundly criticized for admitting she used the “N” word and made other racially insensitive comments. The Food Network dropped her. Brands for which she was the spokesperson dropped her. But Paula Deen still seems to have the support of the crock pot and chalkboard paint set. Check Paula’s recent Pinterest pins... Read more »

Should Classic Children's Stories Be Censored?

Should Classic Children's Stories Be Censored?
Having a 3 year old who, shocking to me, is taller than 40″ meant that we were able to take him on Splash Mountain at Disney World last week. The exterior of the ride gives visibility to the largest splash, but I had forgotten that the interior is filled with scenes from the movie Song... Read more »