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My son gave me a Minecraft world for my birthday

My world is called "Happy birthday mom."
Minecraft is a video game that allows people to build things out of cubes. There is a lot more to it, but that’s the basic idea. My son loves Minecraft. Although I don’t like all the screen time or how he and his sister sometimes fight when they do Minecraft together, I am always impressed... Read more »

How Twitter got me an off-menu Pittsburgh sandwich for my birthday

What is a Pittsburgh sandwich? Pittsburghers know them as Primanti’s Brothers sandwiches because that’s where they originated. What makes the Pittsburgh sandwich unique is that the cole slaw and fries are served on top of the sandwich. The story is that make it easier for the trucker drivers to eat; however, it makes for a... Read more »

Does losing weight count less if you weren't fat enough before?

In the past six months I’ve lost 20 pounds. I’m pretty darn proud of myself. I’ve been eating less and exercising more. (The latter was easy since I barely exercised before.) I’m not only thinner; I’m fitter. I feel good about my body for the first time in years. But right now, at this moment, I’m... Read more »

I did not take my laptop on vacation (but I considered it)

I told the manager for the project I’m leading that I had vacation scheduled but planned to bring my laptop. She very specifically told me not to bring my laptop on vacation. Because she hasn’t worked with me long, I’m pretty sure she thinks I am a workaholic who can’t unplug. I guess it’s an... Read more »

Is getting older giving me a hangover?

I’m sure a lot of people will read that headline and assume this is about losing my tolerance and getting worse hangovers as I get older. That happens too, but this is about something far more cruel. It’s something I thought was only happening to me, but when I mentioned it to a coworker he... Read more »

More on the "plight" of women playwrights

Last month I wrote about how few women playwrights have won Pulitzer Prizes, but still, when I saw pictures of Lynn Nottage and Paula Vogel on the front of the A&E section of my Sunday New York Times I was shocked as to why. Nottage and Vogel, two of the people on that very short list... Read more »

I got all my work stuff done this week!

Woohoo! I actually got all my work stuff done this week. I had a lot of things to do to meet some important deadlines, and I got it all done! I wasn’t sure I’d make it. Despite having very productive days, my to do list kept ending up longer at the end of the day... Read more »

My Sunday best and my best Sunday

My Sunday best is not a nice dress and heels. That’s my weekday best. My Sunday best is what I can wear on my best Sundays, which are lazy. My Sunday best is leggings and a tshirt dress. My Sunday best is soft jeans and a cozy sweater. My Sunday best has little make up... Read more »

Would you be the elevator rider or the door operator in my game?

Yesterday after getting some coffee in the cafeteria I found myself in a mildly comical scene with a stranger who also works in my building. There was an elevator at the far end of the elevator bank that was going up, where we both needed to go. It had beeped. The green up arrow was illuminated.... Read more »

Why aren't more Chicago babies conceived during the winter?

Why aren't more Chicago babies conceived during the winter?
My kids have been invited to 7 birthday parties since the start of the year, and that doesn’t count their own February and March birthday parties. I can hear other parents nodding their heads in recognition, but here is the weird thing: My kids weren’t invited to any birthday parties in the fall. Were there not... Read more »