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Everyone else in my house has been sick

It started with my boy. Nothing too disgusting. A high fever and achiness. When his fever remained high even while taking medication we consulted the pediatrician. The doctor said my son just needed to let the fever run its course. He also warned that this thing my boy had was going around and was highly contagious.... Read more »

Jimmy, I hope you like this post more than I liked your writing prompt

I wanted to write a blog post tonight, but I didn’t have anything I wanted to write about. Luckily tonight is Blogapalooz-Hour. At 9 PM our dogged ChicagoNow Community Manager Jimmy gave us all a writing prompt, and we bloggers were challenged to write a post and publish it exactly one hour later at 10 PM. Perfect. The kids are already... Read more »

Donald Trump makes it hard to write about my ass

Because I devote my October blog posts to Halloween, anything else I think about writing during that time gets tabled until November, but since Donald Trump won the U.S. presidential election (Electoral College only, but sadly that’s what counts) most of my existing blog post ideas seem inappropriately frivolous compared to the impending threats to civil rights... Read more »

At least Hillary won't have to train the man who got her job (like I did)

There are many unpleasant realities of the outcome of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. One is that yet again a qualified woman lost a job to a less qualified man. At least Hillary Clinton will not suffer the indignity of having to train and work for the man who took her job as so many... Read more »

40 things to do on Election Day in the U.S.

40 things to do on Election Day in the U.S.
It’s election day in the United States. If you already voted, thank you. Consider helping others get to to the polls today. If, however, you are eligible vote and have not yet done so I have a few things for you to do today: Vote. Vote even if you know your candidate will win. Nothing... Read more »

Watching the World Series with Cubs Twitter

The Chicago Cubs are in the World Series and have come back from being behind three games to one and have forced a game seven. It is an exciting time for Cubs fans. The Cubs in the World Series is an experience for us to share, but I have not watched any playoff games at... Read more »

The truth about millennials

The truth about millennials
The truth about millennials is millennials are the worst. Millennials are awful. Millenials are annoying. At least that’s what the hashtags and the memes tell me, and I believe them. After all, millennials are people, and there are a lot of awful, annoying people out there. It stands to reason that at least some millennials... Read more »

I remember we used to forget

I remember we used to forget. We’d forget facts and phone numbers, who wrote a certain book, how to convert centimeters to inches, who won the Super Bowl in a given year. We forgot a lot of things and had no easy way of finding them out quickly. There was no Google or even Alta... Read more »

Fall boots from my fashion wish list

Last year I ordered some red boots but returned them because I didn't like the style in person. Dare I try again?
To misquote George R.R. Martin, “Fall is coming.” Although I love the beach and other warm weather activities of summer, from a fashion perspective I much prefer fall. I’m anxious to start wearing sweaters, tights, jackets, scarves, and BOOTS! I’ve been browsing Zappos (not sponsored just a fan) in search of a potential new pair of... Read more »

Cardiac ablation: Paying someone to burn my heart from the inside out

After months of waiting, I finally had my cardiac ablation. I won’t keep you in suspense: It went well, and I’m okay. It was, however, an interesting experience, so read on for my reactions and reflections. I was told to report to the hospital at 6:30 AM. Rather than getting the entire family ready super... Read more »