Aim and Shoot

I'm feeling anxious. I can't sit around here any more. I've got to get out of here.

I want to shoot somebody.

That's it. I'm going. It's been too damn long.

I walk to the park. There are too many people around. I'm not up for that level of attention.

I wander down a side street when I see her. A woman. She's sitting alone. She's perfect.

She doesn't see me.

I crouch down low to the ground. She still doesn't see me. I aim and shoot.

It's over in under a second.

Then I get out of there.

She still hasn't seen me.

I stop around the corner to breathe and to peak at what I've done.

I look down.

I did good. Really good.

It's a great picture. In just one shot too.

I want to send it to The Bitch. I want to send it to her to show her that I don't need her. She wasn't my fucking muse. She was just convenient. I won't miss you, Bitch. I can take pictures of whoever I want now.

I go to shoot some more. It's invigorating, and far better than sitting in that empty apartment.

Photo by geezaweezer via Flickr

Photo by geezaweezer via Flickr

This is part of my Fiction Friday flash fiction series. You may also enjoy

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