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To be a feminine feminist like Meghan Markle as the monarchy shifts

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, advocates for equality and justice while exuding beauty and style. The first American biracial person to marry into the royal family, captured the hearts of the masses around the world leading up to her wedding this weekend to Prince Harry. Hooray for the newly weds, who crossed the church threshold... Read more »

Boys want Mom to be demure – yes, parents embarass kids

Ralph Waldo Emerson remarked, “Nothing great was ever done without enthusiasm.” Although that high energy inspires, one may allegedly do so with a little mystery. Parenting helps harness my boisterous spirit even though I still embarass my little ones. Our boys sometimes gently nudge me to refrain from cheering so loud. At the same time,... Read more »

Pippa Middleton's wedding inspires smart style and good parenting

Incorporate lace.
You don’t have to be related to royalty or marry a billionaire financier to model Pappa Middleton’s wedding. Take a peak at the following gallery for style and parenting inspiration. Simple elegance speaks volumes. What do you think? RELATED: Our French wedding guest experience and Guide to spring and summer fashion to be your best self LAST POST:... Read more »

Guide to Spring and Summer Fashion to be Your Best Self

As Coco Chanel would say, “Everyday is a fashion show and the world is the runway.” As we embrace this spring season of rebirth and look toward summer, why not freshen your look to be your best self? Science and empircal data prove your wardrobe choice may positively impact your confidence. This spring into summer is the... Read more »

Hair color fix for brunettes inspired by Amal Clooney & Jennifer Lopez

I adore Amal Clooney who appears to have subtle ombre highlights. The tips of the hair is lighter than the top.
As the great writer Nora Ephron wrote, “in the 1950s only 7 percent of American women dyed their hair.”  You can look around you to see how that number has dramatically grown today. She expounded on how that helped women stay in the work force. Regardless of professional goals, many of us want to be... Read more »

How to dress for red carpet movie premier

How to dress for red carpet movie premier
This proud friend was thrilled to attend a red carpet event for the Dragonfly movie premier at the Chicago Music Box theatre. As luck would have it, I had the opportunity to interview the Kim Gravel (see photo gallery below), creator of Belle by Kim Gravel, about red carpet attire. She also specializes in the areas of... Read more »

Strike a conversation with style

A genuine compliment about a fashion choice connects people. It breaks down potential barriers or perceived differences. People may share their story. At the very least, there’s an acknowledgement. That’s pretty cool. One of our work group’s leaders, a senior partner at a top law firm, commented at our recent meeting how he befriends people... Read more »

Democratic National Convention: substance and style highlights

Hillary accepts the nomination to close out a powerful Democratic National Convention.
The Democratic National Convention (DNC) exudes dynamic and electrifying speakers. They speak to why the United States of America is the best country in the world. They spell out the facts about why Hillary Clinton should be the next president of the United States. Just below the surface you find some meaning in what they... Read more »

Embrace sun protective fashion swim dress: MOTT50

Embrace sun protective fashion swim dress: MOTT50
I’m terrified about any family members getting sick from the sun. I also want to be safe for our family. Thanks to MOTT50* (no free/discounted products*) and my sister, I now rock a long sleeve swim dress with real sun protection. I make our boys wear long sleeve swim shirts with built-in SPF. I recently joined... Read more »

Embrace flat shoes to be smart and stylish

Embrace flat shoes to be smart and stylish
A recent tagline “Down with High Heels High Maintenance” by Mary Karr via The New Yorker caught my eye. I won’t break anymore gogo boot high heels at the wise age of 37. Mine are now flat! Flat shoes can be stylish. As my wise dear mother would say, flats embody comfort and sensibility. Women... Read more »