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The merits of an Irish goodbye

The merits of an Irish goodbye
Since some Irish may exude a loquacious gift of gab, it seems counter intuitive an Irish goodbye is a ghost exit, but Irish people are rich in paradoxes. Some Irish people are notoriously aloof without blatant emotion, they may prefer a discreet departure. The classic love story of the Irish born boxer from Pittsburgh Sean... Read more »

Sweet spot of parenting

Some veteran parents affirm that each parenting stage is full of blessings. The good times in family life generally outweigh more complicated matters and fleeting moments of humbling self-doubt and exhaustion. Some of us can reflect and appreciate how our parents prevailed through it all. Wise elders, including my husband’s parents in heaven, anchor our family... Read more »

'The Game of Life' now includes pets & more

During our 2019 Chicago Polar Vortex, we busted out our eight-year-old’s new ‘The Game of Life’. He read the directions and started each contestant with a car, a ‘spin to win’ token, a child via either pink or blue peg, and one pet, cat or dog, and $200,000. Similar to the old school game, characters may... Read more »

Arizona family vacation & Mom guilt

Hope you can visit Arizona, the sunshine state that welcomes over 100 million annual overnight visitors. Our first family stay started in the centrally located state capital, Phoenix proper. We didn’t summit their Camelback Mountain with a baby boy on each of our respective backs, but wiped our sweaty brows as we wondered at the views. We planned... Read more »

2019 New Year family thoughts & musings

2019 New Year family thoughts & musings
Yesterday, we embraced our Wisconsin family after our annual Christmas celebration. As we departed through the garage, we noticed a sign that reads, “Success is a journey, not a destination.” That rings true as we humbly look toward 2019 and another family New Year. A 2018 highlight includes some hiking. Our now eight-year-old inspired a post-hike... Read more »

What happy homecoming means

Our five-year-old understands the literal meaning of home. He abstractly outlined our brick structure where we live. He added details such as the dining room table and bunk beds. A home may vary from a modest dwelling to the more elaborate. Is home a place, community, feeling, or something more? A home often includes family... Read more »

Harry Potter Halloween family magic

*BEWARE OF SPOILER ALERTS* The J.K. Rowling Harry Potter series continues to capture the hearts of readers around the world since The Sorcerer’s Stone’s publication more than 20 years ago. According to Pottermore, 500 million Harry Potter books have been sold in over 80 languages. The first novel opens with owls circling Harry Potter’s Aunt and Uncle’s... Read more »

Grandparents Day and our Cape Cod family vacation

President Jimmy Carter made Grandparents Day official 40 years ago. The day falls the first Sunday after Labor Day. The occasion reinforces the significance of elders. Our boys’ grandparents bless our family with love and traditions. We recently returned from our annual vacation in Cape Cod with our parents. Our parents drive 1,000 miles in... Read more »

Thoughts on the Catholic Church and sexual abuse

Last Sunday, our priest addressed the Catholic Church and sexual abuse facts directly in his homily. He relayed how he and priest friends met for lunch and addressed the usual church news. Most recently and tragically, 300 priests were named in a grand jury report that reports the sexual assault of more than 1,000 victims in Pennsylvania.  It... Read more »

Five Types of Small Talk

People seem to either love or hate small talk. My chatty sister asked a mother and daughter pair to snap this photo south of Boston with our brother and our kids. They quickly realized we live near each other in Chicago and share friends. SAFE. The mother-in-law, who helped distract our little ones for this photo opp,... Read more »