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Our summer joy of missing out & the contemplative life

Pro and con lists may illuminate opportunity cost to make certain choices or decisions. Our digital world, full of social media, may enhance “FOMO” or fear of missing out. Trusty Wikipedia defines that as, “a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent.” As a parent of active boys... Read more »

Chicago Pride Parade perspective from a resident & inclusion advocate

Chicago Pride Parade perspective from a resident & inclusion advocate
Gay civil rights activists emerged in Chicago during the 1920’s. Historically, the Gay Liberation Movement established the first march in Chicago in 1970 on the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots in New York City. Those first organized marches responded to discrimination. As Chicago anticipates its 48th Chicago Pride Parade this Sunday, we celebrate diversity and honor inclusion. During... Read more »

Chicago Cubs inspire neighbor kids

The Chicago Cubs endured many storms since their 1870 inception. Throughout time, families have faced harsh realities, but found hope in the Chicago Cubs. Today, their positive goals inspire children to shine a bright light toward the future. Growing up in the Wrigleyville community, we always believed the Cubs would win the World Championship. We started each... Read more »

This 30-something Mom's Saint Patrick's Day has evolved

Saint Patrick’s Day evokes nostalgia of everything from when my siblings and I marched in the parade as kids with our parents to when we opened local pubs the Saturday before Chicago dyed our river green. In our twenties, we jigged into the wee hours before recent years of early baby feedings. Today, our lads embrace this grand holiday. Last Saturday morning... Read more »

Lakeview JCYS needs major gifts to continue its programs

Our local Jewish Chicago for Youth Services (JCYS), Michael R. Lutz Family Center – Lakeview, needs a new home to continue its early education services. Thousands of Chicago adults and kids from diverse faiths and backgrounds grew up in the JCYS community of love over the last several decades. Thanks to the hard work of our school... Read more »

Visit the Chicago Lincoln Park Conservatory

Our boys chose their favorite plants and/or flower every step we took.
A fun place to visit year-round on Chicago’s North Side is the Lincoln Park Conservatory. Check their website for the hours. It’s just off the Lincoln Park Zoo, which is also free. Our family visited last weekend. A few of the flowers we wondered at from around the world are in the gallery below. Related:... Read more »

Love letter to Chicago from a hopeful native

Dear beloved city of Chicago, Innovation, healthcare, entertainment and the arts have thrived since French fur traders and missionaries met Native Indians on your soil 200 years ago. Famous political leaders emerged such as Stephen A. Douglas who lost to President Abraham Lincoln in 1860. President Barack Obama represented our Chicago district in the Illinois Senate before elected as our first... Read more »

Explore the Field Museum in Chicago

Discover the wonders of their "China's First Emperor and His Terracotta Warriors" exhibit.
The Field Museum in Chicago helps harness your creativity to imagine and learn. Their mission is to “inspire curiosity about life on Earth while exploring how the world came to be and how we can make it a better place.” Peak into this gallery to visit the Field Museum with our family. Our boys admired the... Read more »

Explore the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry

Play dress up just like Walt Disney did when he visited our great museum. Visit their Yesterday's Main Street for vintage flashbacks.
The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry’s tagline is “Bringing Science to Life for the Whole Family since 1933.” Life magazine voted it one of the top 15 museums in the world. As a lifelong Chicago resident, I grew up at this Museum of Science and Industry (MSI). It’s a joy to explore with our boys.... Read more »

Joe Maddon & Chicago Cubs journey toward the World Series

Joe Maddon & Chicago Cubs journey toward the World Series
Props to Joe Maddon, Chicago Cubs manager, who led our team to the World Series. Devoted Cubs fans cheered on our boys these last 108 years since their last World Series Championship. As the late Harry Caray would say, “Holy Cow! Their new manager, Joe, knows.” He inspires players, fans and the good people of Chicago... Read more »