10 reasons "Spider-Man Far From Home" movie evokes mom joy

10 reasons "Spider-Man Far From Home" movie evokes mom joy
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*No spoilers for Spider-Man Far From Home movie*

  1. The Spider-Man Far From Home movie's epic cast showcase Venice, London, Dutch tulip fields, and more.

  2. The movie opens with Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You."

  3. Smart girls, funny, and endearing teenage characters triumph.

  4. Authentic awkwardness, including the frustrating "ghosting".

  5. Samuel Jackson, drones, cool sunglasses, and Mysterio, yo!

  6. Coincidentally, my husband, boys, and I twined as we all wore red.

  7. It portrays why the dismissive "relax" is wrong.

  8. My 8yo and 6yo boys loved the special effects.

  9. The best of Marisa Tomei in a Marvel movie.

  10. Parisian romance.

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