'The Game of Life' now includes pets & more

During our 2019 Chicago Polar Vortex, we busted out our eight-year-old's new 'The Game of Life'. He read the directions and started each contestant with a car, a 'spin to win' token, a child via either pink or blue peg, and one pet, cat or dog, and $200,000. Similar to the old school game, characters may experience other benchmarks such as school and marriage.'The Game of Life

Our oldest followed the directions and explained the options to his brother and me. As the game allows different turns or figurative paths, our oldest explained how one includes children while the other focuses on more pets, but contestants may opt for both.

The game allows kids inspires natural conversations about personal life goals and how others may experience life. Our son asked if each player prefers their spouse to be a pink bride or blue groom. Although our boys chose pink brides, they talk about nice family friends with two blue grooms. Our boys asked if I wanted to drive my family car and put me in the driver seat. They chose to drive theirs.

Fast forward past our oldest winning the game, we played a freestyle version that he led based on the cards. Our oldest chose to study video game design, which we explained means computer science. He decided to be an actor to embody his favorite super hero, Spider Man. In our pretend game, I studied law and then pursued a career as a dancer.

Our boys suggested we visit the landmarks of our choice on the board. We moved our cars past the church to visit friends at school. We played at the park and stopped by the office. Our oldest explained his wife works from home as a marketer.

Our oldest hosted epic parties in his fancy home with family and friends to max out the guest list. He asked about our pet choices. He chose the hero and I made friends at the pet park. Although we love animals and choose to enjoy others' pets in real life, it's fun to adopt play pets in 'The Game of Life.'

Our real 'The Game of Life'

Our real 'The Game of Life'

Our oldest planned dream vacations, but suggested we wait a few years for another cruise. I relaxed at my dream villa with family and friends.

How do you find love and adventure in your game of life? Thankfully, our boys embraced the opportunity for imaginative role playing, with question work life choices.
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