40 simple pleasures for 40 years

40 simple pleasures for 40 years
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Ancient philosopher Saint Augustine, who leveraged Plato's teachings, links forty with perfection. While this new 40-year-old strives for order; we still embrace a life of imperfection, rich in beauty of simple moments and favorite things with loved ones.

  1. When little ones whistle -- like the birds -- they make your heart soar.

  2. When you feel overwhelmed with long to-do lists and you slow down for family dinner or dear friend lunches, text messages, emails, and chats.

  3. Snuggles with your lovies.

  4. When your boys draw and sing like their Dad taught them.

  5. When your boys embark on adventures with their Dad.

  6. Loving grandparents.

  7. When the news crushes your soul; strong voices and forces ring true for justice to prevail for our world to evolve.

  8. Books that expand your world -- our family now reads Harry Potter for the first time.

  9. Fresh flowers.

  10. Leaves that change color.

  11. Kind service people, including our office security guards, grocery store attendants, school staff, and hotel professionals to name just a few.

  12. Despite travel stress with family or professional commitments, positive TSA experiences restore your hope.

  13. Perks of business travel, #nokids!

  14. When your one-year-old niece throws a football like a quarterback or gestures with the baseball bat. Go Irish!   

  15. When your sister shares favorite memories, "Your Mom held my hand and we sped around the roller rink and then she found a quarter behind my ear to play an arcade game."

  16. When your 7-year-old explains to his brother why people die in the framework of eternal life.

  17. When your 3-year-old nephew explains to his neighbor he attends mass to see God and then confesses he really sees his cousins.

  18. Fun t-shirts, including one a BFF just sent, "I run on coffee and lipstick."

  19. Spontaneous conversations with neighbors while kids play and you feel frozen in time.

  20. Smart and awesome millennial coworkers and teachers.

  21. Your special school community.

  22. When your kids' friends do nice things for your children like share their umbrella. 

  23. A brisk walk with your Mom.

  24. When you stretch and breathe in yoga.

  25. When you exercise so hard your muscles hurt for days.

    Post birthday workout with dear friend at our gym

    Post birthday workout with dear friend at our gym

  26. When you swim.

  27. Good throwback music.  

  28. Facebook birthday greetings.

  29. Nice people everywhere.

  30. Old photos with friends and family. 

  31. How much your boys love animals, especially your neighbor's dog, Sadie.

  32. When your boys walk arm and arm.

  33. Inclusive religious and spiritual communities -- and friends who support yours regardless of theirs. 

  34. Gifts made with love -- we just moved a baby quilt my Mom's friend made to cover an old chest.

  35. When you inch closer to your goals and finally crush them.

  36. When boys play with their cousins, and follow the good example of older cousins.

  37. When our friends and family sing. 

  38. When you sit-in on your son's piano lessons. 

  39. Karaoke with old and new friends.

  40. Dance parties, yo!

What other simple pleasures make you smile? As author of The AlchemistPaulo Coelho, says,“It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.”

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