3 New Year observations

"Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties." This year, we embrace Helen Keller's wise words. We must collaborate, act, and be kind.

Happy birthday trifecta

Happy birthday trifecta

Teamwork in families, communities, professional, and political environments help reach compromise. We benefit from others' strengths to problem solve. Group creativity thrives with respect, support and openness. We learn from team members who share their talents and teach others.

We must educate and act to overcome challenges. We talk with our boys about our visit to the Chicago Historical Museum to commemorate Martin Luther King Day. They compiled collages about justice. Our boys proudly shared their lessons learned in school about the history of civil rights in our country. All people must respect others' bodies.

Thankfully, friends and loved ones remind us that we control our reaction. We continue the conversation with our boys about opportunities for our society to improve. We talk about how compensation should be equal. Our boys know their friends, who are girls, are as smart as they are. All friends of every type deserve fair treatment.

Chicago Food Depository

Chicago Food Depository

One of our school friends organized a service project at the Chicago Food Depository to start the New Year. Thanks to all our friends who gently nudge our boys, and each others' children, to do their best. Props to the friends who take awesome photos, including this one, to document and share our adventures. We admire the wise super stars who set amazing examples.

Despite the inevitable stress, chaos and occasional frustration, we focus on the big picture to help others. We remind our boys about the context of our world today and why my must choose gratitude. We encourage our boys to set great goals and work hard for a bright future.

Our boys kind words to each other make me smile. Four-year-old Patrick asks Andrew, "Do you like your friends or me more?" Andrew pauses and responds, "I love you most, but already play with you a lot. We visit with school friends at aftercare."

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