Leverage routines for autopilot to improve performance

Leverage routines for autopilot to improve performance
Thankful for morning routine

Many adults self-identify as exhausted and busy. If you plan and practice simple routines, that may help conserve mental energy during mundane tasks. We try to pause and reflect for perspective.

Lists help our family and professional teams function best --- almost in autopilot for the recurring action items. We still need to review everything when we finish. We could otherwise leave the milk out on our way out the door in the morning...

Some mornings and days seem better than others, but we try to learn from the challenges. A recent Chicago Tribune article explains how experts prove the science behind this logic.

Those anxious about tasks can change their mindsets by looking at past underperformance and keying in on one thing to change going forward. Practice scenarios under the conditions in which they are to be performed — whether it's pitching to an investor or taking a exam — and journal about angst 10 minutes ahead of a stressful situation.

Thankfully, supportive loved ones nudge us with helpful reminders. We appreciate their support when we face disappointment.

Adults, myself included, may toss and turn at night thinking great thoughts to perform better. Do what the experts suggest, right it today. Give yourself permission to worry about something only for a few minutes. Talk something through with a trusted friend or colleague to prioritize.

Most times of day can be chaotic with young families. I try to make kid school lunches a day in advance. We organize our kids' closets and drawers for easy access.

Since the birth of our six-year-old and four-year-old boys, trial and error help us to more smoothly be on time for mass. Now that our oldest sings in the choir, that routine helps.

How do routines work for you?

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