7 school parent association myths debunked

Do you roll your eyes at the idea of parent association volunteers? I have felt inadequate compared to some parent association leaders who seem to know everything. Thankfully, I now humbly listen and learn from them.

Impromptu Parent Association Meet Up

Impromptu Parent Association Meet Up

Our own self-doubt may stand in the way of connecting with a community that helps our kids thrive. Most parent association volunteers want to have fun like everyone else.

Thanks to the many parent association volunteers, current and past, who helped demystify these assumptions.

  1. Parent associations are not exclusive. You don't need votes for a fancy title to belong. If your child attends a school, you automatically belong to the parent association.

  2. Parent association volunteers don't look a certain way. Dads and Moms are welcome. Some days parents show up in their pajamas without time to even look in the mirror. Members of the parent association get sick like everyone else and do their best. Although some may appear perfectly put together, they probably still feel overwhelmed some of the time.

  3. Every parent struggles with some level of insecurity. Get to know the parents. Deep down, almost every parent wants the best for their child and does the best they can.

  4. Parents may choose any level of professional commitment and still actively participate. Some are grateful to be stay-at-home parents who sacrifice and face their own challenges. A few parent association volunteers at our boys' school help patrol drop off for our kids' safety. Others juggle any range of traditional corporate career demands with some time for volunteer outreach. Parent associations are flexible so parents can participate by phone or email if necessary.

  5. Parent association responsibilities vary. We're thankful for parents who generously donate hours of their time each week to our school. Some volunteers donate their talents to help make elaborate school play costumes and assist with set design. Our school parent association members also beautify the school. They organize book fairs and large scale fundraisers so our school can employ a nurse on staff and so much more. Some parents spend hours one month organizing the school bake sale. Others may donate generously from a financial perspective in addition to their time or instead of volunteer hours.

  6. You can control your reaction. Parent association members, like everyone else, can be caddy. You can disengage as you wish. Just as parents should allow themselves grace for not being perfect, we can accept faults in others.

  7. You may choose your parent association. Parents are encouraged to chose their children's school. If you later find the school, parent association included, does not work for you and your family, you may transfer your child. You may then connect with a parent association that helps your family better reach their goals.

Parent associations help enhance kids' education experience.

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