6yo & 4yo kids write songs that surprise Mom of boys

Our resilient boys have taught me about cars, sports, superheroes and so much more. They naturally emulate their father, a talented vocalist. To my surprise, last weekend they wrote and performed their first songs at our friends' home before dinner.



Our six-year-old sang his song.

"I climb the mountains for you. You don't know me, but I know you. I take many risks."

Our four-year-old's song epitomizes the dreams of little ones.

"I do what I want. I don't need to listen."

Our boys presented us with another learning opportunity. Yes, adults and kids alike must listen. We strive to make good choices that may not always be our natural impulse.

Our six-year-old's deep lyrics provoked more thought. I asked if he wrote that about his friend, a sweet six-year-old girl, we met on our recent Arizona vacation in the mountains.

There are many unknowns in life. We try our best. We work to strategize calculated risks.

We pray our loved ones are safe! They will continue to amaze us.

Any creative surprises in your world?

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