3 life lessons to embrace before turning 40

I dreaded turning 30. Almost a decade and many life lessons later, I embrace more humility, gratitude and perspective. As Julianne Moore says, aging is a privilege.

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Thankful to turn 39

  1. Humility. While perfection is impossible, we may always learn more and do better. Our professional and family teams challenge us to stretch and grow. 

    Patrick's words of wisdom 9/20/2017

    Patrick's words of wisdom 9/20/2017

    We learn from people of every age. Our inclusive four-year-old, Patrick, empowers others to lead. His teacher transcribed this on my birthday.

    "I hugged Daddy and Mommy. I also went to the park and watched Andrew play piano! We went to the library and then went home for dinner. The end"

  2. Perspective. We pause to reflect and learn from mistakes. Our six-year-old, Andrew, quickly identifies suggested do-overs. We listen more, especially in our faith. We prioritize sleep and diet to help conserve our energy.

    We value family. Most people endure hardships. We must choose kindness. We can't control others, but try to be calm, compassionate and gracious with our own reactions.

  3. Gratitude. Our family is generally blessed with good health. Although fun with friends is more rare these days, we treasure time that we share. Thankfully, my brother and sister's family play a large role in our life.

    My husband and Dad this week at Lincoln Park Zoo

    My husband and Dad at Lincoln Park Zoo

    We met my parents for dinner at the Lincoln Park Zoo this week. Our boys ran to their grandparents along the Nature Walk. They love adventures with their cousins who live in Milwaukee and New Hampshire.

We can appreciate our former naiveté. As Benjamin Franklin said, "At twenty years of age, the will reigns; at thirty the wit; at forty the judgment." We leverage good common sense and moderation.

What does experience teach you?

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