Perfectly imperfect Dads help build resilience

Perfectly imperfect Dads help build resilience
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Good Dads do their best. They prioritize their children's safety and health. They nudge loved ones to excel. 

Each Dad parents his own way. Some walk ahead of their kids. Others helicopter theirs.

Some Dads obsess less and run late. Kids wear mismatched clothes. Others follow strict schedules. Kids adapt.

Good Dads strive to prepare well. They try to learn from missteps. They suggest smart options.

The joy

The joy

Dads cheer children to progress on their journey. The kids beam with joy. 

Children squeal, "Dad is cool!" They admire their father. A lot of Dads bring the fun.

Dads teach life skills. They coach strategy.

Dads model leadership. Kids learn to try their best.

Most try to be consistent and calm. Although they may not always actively listen, good Dads show up. 

Dads are like all people who may still get scared, sad or mad. They may need space. They may be harsh.  

Good Dads love. They try.

Dads and kids evolve. They grow to practice patience. They act with compassion.

Good Dads demonstrate respect. They accept flaws. They emphasize strengths.

Perfectly imperfect Dads empower and inspire resilienceThey help shape tomorrow's leaders. Good Dads make our world a brighter place.

Thankfully, our boys are related to many good Dads. They benefit from their good example. How do the Dads in your life help others build resilience?

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