Thank you to our teachers from a tired mom of young boys

Thank you to our teachers from a tired mom of young boys
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As Albert Einstein said, "It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." Teachers communicate with parents to help everyone thrive. Thank you to teachers who activate talents in their young students.

Friends and family, who are teachers, help shape our leaders of tomorrow. They encourage children to excel and do their best.

Our teachers patiently inspire confidence and hope. They show our boys how learning is fun. Our boys want to read and work with numbers thanks to their teachers' guidance.

Teachers nudge little ones to be self-sufficient. Our Lakeview Jewish Council Youth Services (JCYS) demonstrated our boys could behave well during family style meals as two-years-olds.

We follow their example of consistent rules and boundaries to be good friends and family members. JCYS prepared our boys for Our Lady of Mount Carmel Academy.

Our boys get "first choice" for good behavior

Our boys get "first choice" for good behavior

Thank you to our teachers who send gentle advance email reminders that kids need snow pants and outer wear for recess. Parents appreciate every communication.

Teachers thoughtfully respond to parents' emails, texts and phone calls. Our teachers snap photos of our boys all week and post them in private class blogs. They share key lessons for parents to reinforce classroom activities.

Our compassionate teachers help us problem solve when we're exhausted. Our teachers flash a thumbs up as code our boys do well.

Teachers model love and logic that help children and parents. They prioritize safety and wellness.

Teachers frequently count kids on field trips to make sure all are safe. They confidently led our kids to Wrigley Field for the field trip of a lifetime.

When I visit a classroom for a short time, it's thrilling and humbling! All teachers have personal and family obligations outside of the classroom, but ground themselves in the needs of their students.

Teachers wow parents with classroom choreographed song and dance performances. Our children happily perform on stage once a year for their big school show.

Thank you to teachers who lead with kindness. We try our best to follow your good example.


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