This 30-something Mom's Saint Patrick's Day has evolved

Saint Patrick's Day evokes nostalgia of everything from when my siblings and I marched in the parade as kids with our parents to when we opened local pubs the Saturday before Chicago dyed our river green. In our twenties, we jigged into the wee hours before recent years of early baby feedings. Today, our lads embrace this grand holiday.

Last Saturday morning our Saint Patrick's Day Saturday started before 8:00 a.m. at the gym with our boys Andrew and Patrick. We pivoted to a haircut for both boys. We zipped over to Chucke Cheese for the kind of party our boys call "E-P-I-C!" 

We geared up to visit my parents. Our boys debuted their authentic green thanks to Uncle John's parents in Ireland.

Although my parents live only a mile away, the crowds of rowdy locals slowed traffic to a crawl. Girls wore green tights under their skimpy short shorts with stiletto heels. Millennial guys appeared delighted with their Kelly green drinking jackets.

We wish you the luck of the Irish!

We wish you the luck of the Irish!

My husband questioned parking. Since it was just immediate family, we scored the coveted garage spot. The boys ran inside to search for chocolate wrapped in gold with their baby cousin.

We feasted on corn beef, cabbage and Irish soda bread. Our party crescendoed when my husband sang Danny Boy with our boys and My Dad, also named Dan. We beamed with joy through their rendition of "My Wild Irish Rose."

When Irish eyes are smiling

When Irish eyes are smiling

How have your holidays evolved? We still wear a lot of green - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles count! On the actual feast day, we shall celebrate a little friend's birthday at our local bounce house. 

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! May your spring bring you good health and prosperity. XO

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