Lakeview JCYS needs major gifts to continue its programs

Our local Jewish Chicago for Youth Services (JCYS), Michael R. Lutz Family Center - Lakeview, needs a new home to continue its early education services. Thousands of Chicago adults and kids from diverse faiths and backgrounds grew up in the JCYS community of love over the last several decades. Thanks to the hard work of our school community, the Chicago Cubs are generously matching up to $25,000 donations through the end of December 17 to help reach the approximate goal of $750,000.

JCYS Mother's Day

JCYS Mother's Day

This opportunity for Chicago stakeholders would help a cornerstone of our city's education that's supported Chicago over the last few decades. JCYS provides financial aide opportunities to continue educating tomorrow's leaders.

JCYS employs outstanding educators from every race, ethnic background and religion. Our family is thankful JCYS welcomes families of all faiths. We embrace Jewish values such as commitment to social equality, pursuing justice, charity, hospitality and family values.

We thank JCYS for broadening our family's love of the Jewish faith and culture. Our world thrives and succeeds when people of different faiths and backgrounds work together to exceed their potential.

The Lakeview JCYS playschool inspires hope in our bleak times. Our beloved directors, Debbie Porter and Jean Losek, remind parents to breathe and hug their little ones close. JCYS empowers their community to lead with love, empathy and compassion.

Life can seem overwhelming, but JCYS teaches problem solving. Their programs enrich the lives of our youth, caretakers and families in a loving community where play and learning converge.

JCYS  inspires confidence and resilience as children explore in their vibrant sensory stations. Their inclusive programs incorporate music, health, literacy, math, science and much more.

Help this educational and recreational treasure continue its programs in the form of major gifts. If you have meaningful relationships with potential donors, please contact John Thomason at and Liz Roberts at

Just as our JCYS loved ones reassure us through tough times, we're confident they will reach their goal. Please share this if you know someone who can help.

Our family does not receive any compensation for this post. Our boys are excited to reunite with our JCYS family this summer at camp. 

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