Smart way to lose weight fast: top 10 lessons learned

Smart way to lose weight fast: top 10 lessons learned
Clean eating

A former co-worker, Emily Nabielec, mentioned Beach Body 21 Day Fix before the New Year. I'd never heard of Beach Body, but she exudes wellness so I was intrigued.

Their tag line is this. Simple fitness. Simple eating. Fast results.

That's easy, right?

In her online fitness accountability group, Emily stresses clean eating, which mostly means not processed food. Her prodding helped me kick my week day Starbucks breakfast sandwich habit.

I don't want to add stress with a radical diet or unrealistic long-term program, which is supposed to be a lifestyle improvement. It's not that serious, be flexible and don't beat yourself up about one day...

Emily doesn't seem stressed or obsessed with her size. She gives back in lots of ways such as volunteering at her kids' school.

I looked at Beach Body 21 Day Fix as an opportunity for fast awareness to lose emotional baggage associated with bad habits. That's the true way to lose weight fast. It's long term consistent improvements.

These are top 10 lessons I learned.

  1. You're probably eating more than you need. Figure out your right portion control. This forced me to also ditch my second oatmeal pouch in the morning. Still hungry? Eat vegetables.
  2. Learn about your emotional eating or whatever it is. Emily shared this insightful resource.
  3. Alcohol is obviously full of sugar. Stick to a maximum of three glasses a week and no more than two per day. Otherwise, three can lead to more trouble...
  4. Work toward a goal. My goal was to learn more about nutrition. A bonus is that my pants are no longer tight on me.
  5. Plan. Try to eliminate or at least minimize processed foods. Emily suggests you meal plan over the weekend and grocery shop for the week. This is the one area I can do better next time...
  6. Share. It's fun to be in a Facebook group with others who post photos and share recipes. It's accountability and moral support.
  7. Be mindful. I've always thought about food since I love to eat. The 21 Day Fix helps you think about your intention.  Connect it to a greater goal such as being healthy long-term for yourself and family. I want to be my best self for my family. Smart nutrition also improves my performance in my career.
  8. Exercise. The 21 Day Fix sets a specific goal to exercise at least five days a week for at least 30 minutes. It got me to the gym for Zumba, spin, yoga and pilates. I did videos at home (thanks Beach Body!) plus outdoor running and walking.
  9. Have fun. Choose exercise and food you like. Look forward to champagne and dessert at your friend's wedding. Everything in moderation, right?
  10. Measure. Emily reminds us to measure our bodies by inches on Saturday mornings and get on the scale. I don't own a scale so used my gym's. It's helpful to see the numbers as you stay focused on your diet and fitness. This program also forces you to measure your portions. It's a reminder that you should drink half your body weight in ounces of water a day.

Have you tried Beach Body? My co-workers giggled when my order of delicious Beach Body Shakelogy arrived a few weeks ago. Now, they may try it with me...

Please share these tips if you know someone who could use them. Feel free to message Emily if you want more information. I don't get any compensation or even free shakes or exercise videos for this.

Hope we can work together to be our best selves! XO

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