Ten ways to be your best self in 2016

Ten ways to be your best self in 2016
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We reflect and wish for peace as we approach the New Year. The poet Alfred Lord Tennyson eloquently said, "Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, 'It will be happier.'"

There are small signs of that promise everywhere. As I deposited bags for good will, our car died. Five different people came to my side to jump the battery so I didn't miss church with my family. My sister's husband, John, drove to our home on Christmas Day for another charge. We now have a portable charger in our trunk to pay it forward. :)

We are grateful for big and small acts of love. Writing helps me focus on the joy in our hectic lives. The following ten posts demonstrate grace in 2015. They also help prepare us to do our best in 2016.

1) Be present and take care. We learn so much more when we love and listen to be inspired.

2) We're all vulnerable. Big thanks to my friends, loved ones and readers for their support.

3) Be informed. I was honored to interview TheSkimm co-founders who are my go-to source every week day morning.

4) We unite as one world despite scary times. I was proud that my youngest Catholic child demanded a Charlie Brown Chanukah to be inclusive. We face a bright horizon with clean tech and the progressive Pope Francis.

5) We may work to overcome our fears.

6) Life is full of stress, we can minimize anxiety.

7) We still need to bring the fun. Keep it real with your classics. For me, that means Dirty Dancing (the movie and play).

8) Big data is a big deal, just like the robot industry revolution. My boys and I are excited to see the exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry at least one more time before it ends this January.

9) We do our best and learn from our mistakes. I debrief with lessons learned, especially after a big meeting.

10) I try to have fun with fashion and my own stye. I aspire to motherhood chic. There are SNAFU's, especially around the holidays, including Walt Disney World.

I wish you a New Year full of good health, fortune and happiness. As they say in Star Wars, "May the force be with you"! XO

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