Yay Paris Climate Change Conference 2015 Deal

Yay Paris Climate Change Conference 2015 Deal
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The fact that it's getting hot in here with unseasonably warm temperatures is just one example of climate change. The good news is last week's Paris Climate Change Conference included representatives from almost 200 countries. Their goal was to decrease gas emissions. The Paris Climate Change Agreement was adopted Saturday night.

The even bigger challenge now is to act and implement! The financial commitments are huge, especially on behalf of rich countries to help third world nations. We can thank big players like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg for stepping-up with their deep pockets to help subsidize this undertaking. Learn more information in this debrief via theSkimm.

This type of global initiative requires coordination and commitment. One size does not fit all for each country. Every one must be mindful of our environment.

As my boys and I frolicked at our local Chicago park yesterday in record heat of almost 60-degrees, a neighbor in the clean tech business mentioned how many people oppose climate change. That blows my mind. The New York Times optimistically elaborates on resistance to climate change.

A true climate change agreement requires change on the part of traditional utilities companies to convert to clean technology in addition to individuals. These necessary changes will help support a safe and cleaner world for future generations. Clean technology represents growth for our world economy that will need significant research and development to roll out necessary changes.

I'm hopeful that our world forces will connect to make improvements big and small.

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