My toddler boys want a woman for president

My toddler boys want a woman for president
Time for a change

As the 2016 United States Presidential Election approaches, I reminded our boys about Disney's Hall of Presidents. They didn't notice it was all men. I explained how the United States has never elected a woman president.

Our boys made the leap to want a woman for president!

We are a world leader. My sister reminded me how Queen Elizabeth is head of the Commonwealth without a king and Ireland has had two women presidents. All of these countries from Africa, Asia, Europe and South America have had women heads of state.

According to Pew Research, women who are the heads of state is only 10% of United Nations member states.

There are currently 18 female world leaders, including 12 female heads of government and 11 elected female heads of state (some leaders are both, and figurehead monarchs are not included), according to United Nations data. Half of them are the first women to hold their country’s highest office.

We always want the best person to help and serve our country. We are eager for the best woman presidential candidate to set an example for other countries.

It was helpful we just visited a female doctor on Saturday with the boys. We reminded the boys how many good doctors are women. Similarly, we want the best doctors to treat our family.

Our women doctors listen and are compassionate. They are flexible.

Our boys know a lot of families where both men and women work outside the home. We share responsibilities in ours.

According to Harvard Business Review, women control the lion's share of consumer spending.

We talk about how I buy a lot of the groceries for our family. Our oldest wrote on a school paper, "Mommy buys our family food to eat."

Our boys are starting to learn what business means. As I had just read about Fortune magazine's 50 Most Powerful Women, I had good examples in mind.

They know our home computer, phones and iPad all have an Apple on them. I told them one of the officers [Angela Ahrendts, former Burberry CEO] is in charge of their retail and online operations.

I asked if they thought Grandma and my sister and/or any of their aunts could be President of the United States. They agreed, but said, "We want Mommy for president."

We talked about how my nieces would make a good president.

Our boys know their girl cousins are awesome at soccer and other sports. They study hard and do well in school.

We talk about how men and women need to work together.

I love that our boys see men and women as equal.

Strong women from every political party have led the Senate. Visionary women succeed in various government and business roles.

Let's demonstrate to all of the young people that our great nation is ready for a woman for president.

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