Parent teacher conference time starts in preschool

Parent teacher conference time starts in preschool
Thank you parent teacher conferences

A parent teacher conference can feel a lot like a professional performance review. It's personal. You're vulnerable.

My first parent teacher conference was three years ago. I had my fair share of parent teacher anxiety.

I'm surprised every time I have to squeeze into a teeny tiny chair that's practically on the floor. We convene at a toddler height table.

Seriously? Yes. It's serious. :)

My appreciation is reinforced for teachers, especially preschool teachers. It helps me to listen and be open. I've learned so much from every preschool teacher our toddler boys have had.

I try to be specific with the teachers and sometimes list questions before our designated parent teacher conference. I always take notes. How else would I remember what is said?

I love the specific examples teachers share. I treasure the art work our boys make in class at school.

I'm delighted our boys love story time. They both have a good memory. All their teachers say they are bright.

Our boys love their friends and teachers. They are inclusive and share their love with everyone. Both boys love school.

Thanks to Jewish Council for Youth Services (especially Michael R. Lutz Community Center), our youngest boy's teacher gave the most tender feedback. She said, "Your two-year-old is so sweet. He wants to please and is excited. He makes us happy. He's a good helper and loves to clean. He is gentle with babies."

Our boys are so important to us. They deserve time for their parents to meet with their teachers and focus entirely on them.

We strive to be on the same page as our teachers. I hope and pray parent teacher conferences stay simple. I'm grateful we trust our boys' schools and teachers.

Parent teacher conferences aren't so bad, right?

*I do not receive any compensation from either school for this message. I'm happy that JCYS is opening another class for two-year-olds at our Wrigleyville campus. I'm excited for their new Wicker Park school that already broke ground.

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