Our perfectly imperfect decorated fireplace mantel

Our perfectly imperfect decorated fireplace mantel
"Life imitates art far more than art imitates life." Oscar Wilde

When we got married and lived as one, I suggested that we find a new home for the wildebeest over the decorated fireplace mantel in my husband's former bachelor pad. His brother and our sister-in-law graciously took that wildebeest for their finished basement.

Wildabeest over the fireplace

Wildabeest over the fireplace

Fast forward, we closed on our family home when we were expecting our oldest. The built-in fireplace and mantel was our fresh pallet. I had some "nesting" angst over our un-decorated fireplace mantel. As my parents would say, that  was a "good problem".

Different ideas swirled around in my brain such as cool or warm whites, but that didn't fit with the rest of our home and style. I recently re-arranged some of our favorite art in our home.

My husband's own original magnificent painting now hangs over our fireplace mantel. It emphasizes the height and stature of the space. I placed some complementary items we already had in different spots to accessorize our now decorated fireplace mantel.

I staged the above photo with flowers from our garden. That vase is normally otherwise out of reach in case of some toddler (or mama) related accident.

Our art and family photo isn't hung, but leans against the mantel. It's low maintenance and flexible. I've also noticed some mantels display layered effect, which adds more depth.

I was delighted with the crystal candle stick holders, a recent second-hand purchase for $2.50. They were short lived as I caught my husband's art as it toppled over. The other candle stick shattered all over. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

That can be the down side to leaning your art work...

Our home decor style is eclectic to reflect the love and warmth of our family, my husband's art background at the Art Institute School and other photos.

I love how different friends and loved ones decorate their mantels and homes. Some decorated fireplace mantels are either symmetrical or asymmetrical and may incorporate a mirror. Talented designers achieve a unified and balanced aura.

We strive for unity, peace and balance in our family, but every moment is an adventure...

Have you seen a decorated fireplace mantel that took your breath away?

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