What glasses frames are in style

I've worn glasses frames for the last 30 years so they are necessity as opposed to accessory. I was the cool (not really) grade school girl with red, purple, blue and pink frames. I did graduate to contacts in junior high, but 9 out of 10 times I wear my glasses today.

Thanks to one of my favorite wise and fun bloggers, Shannan Younger of MomFactually and Tween Us for sharing this quote, “ I can't think without my glasses." (Vivienne Westwood) Do you ever feel that way?

Shannan likes the virtual glasses to upload your photo to "try on" different frames on-line.

There are other services that allow you to order up to five glasses to try on in the convenience of your home. My co-worker tried this and got glamorous and affordable Prada glasses.

Boomer with a view shares how "You need lots of readers for every room and purse."

Long story short, I just got new cat eye glasses and want to share some of the sassy and sophisticated looks of my ChicagoNow bloggers and a popular four eyed celebrity for good measure. Please take a look at the gallery at the bottom of this page.

What's your go-to glasses today?

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