Am I Mom enough for the first day of preschool?

Am I Mom enough for the first day of preschool?
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They say Moms either cry or are relieved on first day of preschool. I'm neither, but I may have a panic attack. I'm terrified for our sweet toddler to start a new school.

I confess. I ignored the first two new preschool mixers. They were at the same time as camp and the busiest time of my work year. Was that a mistake?

I still need to complete all the forms the new administrators walked through at the orientation I did attend. It totally freaked me out even though everyone was nice... Their school family is welcoming.

You see, I tried to keep preschool, a new school and class, a secret from my toddler. He casually mentioned a teacher, and then another, said he's going to a different school. WHAT?!

I pretended not to hear and ignored the inevitable change.

Then, I took the plunge. I revealed the new mystery school is next to our library. It's the church where my husband, his Dad, and I got married.

Our toddler seems excited and happy to make even more friends and keep the old.

We love playschool

We love play school

I did cry that our oldest had his last day of camp. I would've been in public hysterics if I weren't out of town for work. It was a lonely cry in my Boston hotel room, a whole time zone away.

I'll miss how our JCYS (they may still have space available, continues until kindergarten) Director genuinely says 'Love you" to the kids.

Now that camp is over, I'm getting a little more comfortable with... preschool, THE new school. I even made a play date, FINALLY, with our host family.

I want to ask more about the whole Spanish class thing for preschool kids. I was initially pleased with the obvious good exposure and opportunity. I'm grateful our oldest overcame his speech delay now that he'll be learning ANOTHER language. That's one more than I speak since I studied Latin (a dead language!) for six years...

In this case, the whole first day of preschool thing is most hard for the mom. My husband says it'll all be great. I know my preschooler will thrive at his new school.

He's very casual that it was his last day at his old school and understands he's starting a new school.

Eventually, I'll adjust to the change, but look forward to camp at JCYS, next summer. Our youngest will start playschol there, too.

Meanwhile, I'll continue to ignore fancy Pottery Barn Kids back-to-school catalogs.  I guess I'll figure out the whole scary pack a lunch every day thing that my Mom did for years for three kids. Any tips? Please!

I'm excited to give back to our community and help shape our boys' learning experience, but I'm not ready to join any parent committees...

I'm going to take preschool mom baby steps - no need to burn myself out in preschool. I will chaperone a field trip...

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