Compassion prevailed over self-centered bullies on last night’s flight

Compassion prevailed over self-centered bullies on last night’s flight
Every passenger has unique needs

I was initially shocked that a clueless young girl declined to switch seats so a frantic mom could be near both her small children. Although that girl really wanted the window seat, she finally gave up her seat. She reluctantly smiled at the gratitude that family demonstrated.

Model respect in the skies

Model respect in the skies

Then, the bullying really started on our evening flight from Boston to Chicago. Someone, who probably had a bad day and pre-existing issues, freaked out and blamed the flight attendant for no reason.

That angry man yelled, “Stop that unprofessional flight attendant. Fellow flyers, you saw what happened.” The other passengers shook their heads in dismay.

That flight attendant graciously helped me squeeze my carry on so I could leave the airport as soon as I landed. The kind and professional flight attendants helped every other passenger on that crew, including the bullies.

I understand every one flies with their own personal baggage. That does not give them a pass to subject a flight of innocent people to their anger management issues.

How does anyone make a flight of people, mostly intending to transfer to a connecting flight, miss their flights?

Bullies and their power trips are a bad joke.

Who demands the pilot resolve their personal issues? Bullies without a clue do? How dare they!

Sweet babies cried on that plane.

Passengers were late to see their loved ones, families and pets.

Bullies should not be allowed to fly. They should secure their own private transportation next time they need to travel. They can drive their own automobile, take the bus or train.

Get over yourself, bully.

Other passengers speculate it was a miscommunication. Anxious people on that flight yelled, "We all just want to get home!"

Air travel requires respect and civility on the part of all passengers. The crew had it.

The pilot and other American Airlines crew resolved the issue. The pilot announced, “Our number one goal is your safety. Second, we want everyone to be comfortable. You must be patient with each other. I apologize for the delay. You saw there’s an issue, we’re ironing out.”

I was disappointed the bullies were not escorted off the plane. I initially thought there was zero tolerance as they quickly left.

The other passengers craned their necks at the drama.

The wise passenger next to me reminded me that we don’t know the context. Maybe the impatient three passengers were flying somewhere to bury a loved one. They were allowed back on the plane.

It’s unfortunate they didn’t conduct themselves with grace.

I applaud the crew for dealing with the outburst.

Although I feared a several hour delay, we were in the air in just over half an hour. We made up time and landed just ten minutes late.

All the passengers around me stayed in their seats so those connecting could rush off the plane. I hope they made their flights.

Overall, last night's American Airlines flight #1299 was an example of compassion in the skies.

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