7 reasons to join our 4x4 exercise challenge

7 reasons to join our 4x4 exercise challenge
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Summer can be full of barbecues with some tempting food you may not normally indulge. That can be to the detriment of your workout routine and regular healthy lifestyle. One of my girlfriends just dared us (four girls total, coincidence) to join her in a 4 x 4 exercise challenge to get back on track. The goal is to exercise four times a week for four weeks to reinforce the habit of healthy living.



Since these girlfriends and I have all done races together, this #throwbackthursday triathlon photo seems most fitting... Don't let "race" fool you, my goal it to hit the finish line as I don't set any records, except my own.

This photo of my sis and I circa 1980-something, Jane Fonda "Workout girl" also makes me smile. And, it's appropriate since my sister is one of my best exercise motivators.

According to Mayo Clinic, here's 7 benefits of regular exercise:

  1. Exercise controls weight
  2. Exercise combats health conditions and diseases
  3. Exercise improves mood
  4. Exercise boosts energy
  5. Exercise promotes better sleep
  6. Exercise puts the spark back into your sex life
  7. Exercise can be fun

If you haven't already exercised this week, start today. You can exercise four times with us before the end of the week.

Don't be fooled if this seems easy, I already missed twice this week. My toddler wasn't cooperative when I tried to bring us all to the gym so they could play in "Kid Care" while I exercised.

I did make it to a restorative pilates class, a different ballet body sculpting class (SO HARD!). I threw my shoulders back as the trainer reminded us, "Posture"...  And, I huffed and puffed through a two mile jog since it's been a while.

How do you like to exercise?

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